LPEQ0001: Electronics Laboratory

Product identification

LPEQ0001: LabsLand Provider EQuipment for Electronics Laboratory

Description: Hardware package for a complete remotely accessible Electronics Lab setup, allowing to join the LabsLand provider network. 

DigiKey link: Coming soon.

Main website: http://labsland.com/web/hive

Laboratory link: https://labsland.com/en/labs/electronics-hive

Purchase this lab: DigiKey link or contact us at hive@labsland.com


The LPEQ0001 hardware package includes all the necessary equipment to deploy and host a LabsLand Electronics "Hive". The "Hive" is the hardware that powers the LabsLand Electronics laboratory.

The LabsLand electronics lab is oriented towards education (universities and colleges but also schools) and training. It can cover introductory electronics courses and courses that involve basic analog electronics, characterisation of electronic components, or electronics laboratory instrumentation such as oscilloscopes, function generators and multimeters.

The LabsLand Electronics "Hive" is inspired by legacy VISIR hardware, offering expanded features and capabilities. Designed to function like a cloud, it allows students to seamlessly access circuits shared by "Hive" owners worldwide.

Owning a LabsLand Electronics "Hive" grants your students access to the LabsLand Electronics lab network. It enables you to customise and add new circuits, which can be made available to the whole network if you choose.

To learn more about the Hive you may check the dedicated website: https://labsland.com/web/hive

Real measurements

 All the components (resistors, capacitors, diodes, coils, Operational Amplifiers, transistors...) exist and are being measured in real time by the instruments.

  When you build a circuit in the user interface, it physically creates the circuit by connecting them with relays.

Installation & Reference Manual

The equipment is designed to be straightforward to deploy and is mostly plug & play. It is also designed to make it relatively easy for Lab Maintainers to know the state of the equipment, detect and fix potential issues and customise or add new circuits.

A comprehensive Reference Manual is available: https://labsland.com/pub/docs/experiments/hive/hive-node-reference-documentation.pdf

Included laboratory

With this laboratory you can dynamically connect real electronics circuits using sets of typical components (resistors, capacitors, diodes, and others) and a web-based user interface. You can then control various instruments including an oscilloscope, a function generator, power supplies and a multimeter, connecting them to the circuit and using them to take measurements. 

The system is not a simulation: circuits are dynamically and physically constructed using purpose-specific relay matrixes, and measurements are physically taken using real instruments.

The system supports a fast seamless user-switching mode that ensures that multiple students (hundreds) can seamlessly use it at the same time and take measurements. This seamless user-switching mode leverages the fact that the measurement times for individual measurements are low.

For safety and practical reason the number of different circuits that students can build is constrained, but a large catalog is available.

Target courses & topics

The Electronics Laboratory is designed to be useful for courses that cover topics such as:

Ready to use content

In the case of the LabsLand Electronics laboratory, LabsLand provides a comprehensive catalog that includes the list of supported circuits ordered by their type (e.g., basic resistor networks, RLCs, diodes). Although more circuits are often available, instructors are encouraged to use or at least start with the ones in that catalog. The catalog is web-based and the circuits can be built manually but also downloaded to be directly loaded into the Electronics Lab interface.


This laboratory includes 200 licenses to use the Electronics laboratory every quarter for your institution students (we do not charge anything for instructors teaching). The licenses cannot be accumulated or transferred to anyone in companies (contact us if there is a particular case where you want to do it).

to The full terms and conditions:

LabsLand spaces

Every institution (whether it is a school, university, or company) using LabsLand has a LabsLand space. 

A LabsLand space is a personalized web where institutions can organize the access to the laboratories by their students. In LabsLand, an institution typically has multiple groups of students using different laboratories. For example, a University or Community College might have multiple classes using remote laboratories, or even in a single class, they might have different groups of students (e.g., Spring 2023, Fall 2024).

The license includes:


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